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comfortable business services


Accounting support of your company in Bishkek

We help

submit reports on time
and pay taxes right

We lead

tax and personnel records


your legal issues in business

Accountant is always in touch

Communicate with us by phone, whatsapp, mail during business hours

Liability insured

We guarantee compensation of fines, if they occurred through our fault

All inclusive, no surcharges

Individual price for your company: nothing extra


We make sure that you do not pay extra money, and the tax department has no questions.
We will collect all primary documents, we will send a courier to you.
We will help to employ employees, pay salaries, calculate taxes.
We keep records correctly, hand over the reporting in time.


We help you to have as much time as possible for your important matters.
Therefore, we undertake the entire routine:
We keep accounting
We calculate taxes and insurance premiums, submit reports to the tax and funds
We keep personnel records
We prepare employment contracts, pay salaries, calculate taxes, arrange hospital and leave
We communicate with government agencies  
If necessary, we take on communication with the tax departments and social fund.
We advise on legal issues
Our lawyer will promptly answer your questions orally or in writing. 
Help you to open bank account 
We will help you to prepare all necessary documents to open bank account 
Error insurance 
We guarantee compensation of fines, if they occurred by our fault.  
Calculate the cost of services 
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How we work

All online

You are served remotely. Most issues can be resolved by phone, email or online.

We keep records in 1C

We hand over the reporting through the Internet. We give you 24/7 access to the database. Keep backups.

Drive online

You can make invoices by yourself or set a task for an accountant.


Once a month we send you a courier to take away your documents.

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